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Guidance and Discipline

Our goals are to guide children to develop respect for self, others and the environment. Childcare setting is their first experience to socialize with other children. Therefore, we want children to learn positive problem solving skills, responsible decision making, to be cooperative and compassionate and develop self-confidence and self-control. We will do our best to structure the rooms and activities to avoid potential problem. Three simple rules apply at DreamKids:

  • You must not hurt yourself
  • You must not hurt others
  • You must not hurt things

When behavioral problems occur at the daycare, the following methods are used to teach the children appropriate behavior:

Modeling Show children appropriate behaviour
Redirect Children most often squabble over toys and possession. When this happends I talk to the children to explain why such behavior is not acceptable and offer suggestions for other toys or activities that will redirect the child's attention and generally solve the problem
Positive Attitude Use simple and positive statement which focus on behavior not on the child
Privilege Removal When children are hurting things such as toys, using the equipment in an unsafe manner such as fighting over toys, throwing toys etc., the privilege to use the equipment / toy will be taken away from the child, at which time she/he will be redrected to another activity.
Parental Support Should behavioral problems exist with a child who is not responding to the above forms of behavior management, we will enlist the help and support of the parents. A child learns best when the guidance is consistent both at home and at the daycare center.
Removal From Care In extreme circumstances when a child is not reponding to the guidance techniques described above and is disruptive or dnagerous to the home daycare and the other chilren, we will regretfully have to ask that the child be removed from care.

AT NO TIME WILL ANY FORM OF PHYSICAL (hitting, slapping or spanking) or VERVAL (insults, humiliation, name calling) PUNISHMENT BE USED ON ANY CHILD IN THE PROGRAM.

If you have a concern with any issue or incident in the centre, please ask the staff or the manager so we can further discuss our guidance and discipline method.

Health and Hygiene

Hand washing

  • Liquid hand soap and paper towels will be used for hand washing.
  • Children and teacher will wash their hands before and after food preparation/eating, before and after diapering, and after toileting, nose wiping/sneezing and outside play.
  • Children will be asked to flush the toilet after each use and then of course to wash their hands.

​Single-Use Tissues

  • Single use tissues will be available at all times to use for wiping noses etc. These tissues will be disposed of after each use.
  • Children will be encouraged to cough/sneeze into the “inside corner of their elbow” instead of their hands to prevent spread of illnesses by hand.


  • The diapering location is away from food preparation areas.
  • Diapers will be disposed of in a bag lined garbage/diaper container with a lid.
  • After each diapering, the change mat area will be cleaned with an appropriate bleach/water solution.
  • Teachers will also wash both their hands and the baby’s after each diapering.

Food Preparation

  • Food preparation areas will be kept clean, dry and separate from playing, toileting and diapering areas.
  • Food preparation will only be done in the kitchen.
  • The refrigerator will be kept between 0 and 4°C, which will be monitored by a thermometer located in the refrigerator at all times.


  • Tables, counter tops etc. will be cleaned after each use with the appropriate bleach/water solution.
  • Toileting areas will be sanitized daily as well as carpets vacuumed.
  • Shelving, doorknobs, play pen rails etc. will be sanitized with an appropriate bleach/water solution weekly, or as needed.
  • All dishes will be washed in a dishwasher or by use of the four step method (wash, rinse, sanitize, air dry).
  • Plastic toys will be washed on a rotating schedule using the same methods, and stuffed toys and dress-up clothes will also be laundered on a schedule.

Sleep Mats

  • Children will consistently use the same sleep mats, which will be sanitized with an appropriate bleach/water solution monthly.
  • While in use sleep mats will be placed at least two feet apart.
  • Bedding will be laundered every two weeks or as needed.