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Our philosophy at Dream kids Childcare Centre is Reggio Emilia inspired and based on the BC Early Learning Framework as it works on the principles of respect, responsibility and community through exploration, discovery and play. Children must have some responsibility of the direction in their learning. They learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening and observing. Through social play, children will learn to form positive relationships with others. We believe that children should be listened to and valued for their ideas and knowledge, by allowing them opportunities to express themselves in many ways. We welcome all families of different cultures and diverse structures.

While we are living in an ever-changing technological world, it is important that we must not forget the qualities which make us, human. By focusing our energy on unity, teamwork, compassion, co-operation and empathy towards others in our daily lives, the children will in turn become the leaders, innovators and light beacons of tomorrow.

Early Literacy

Literacy is essential to developing a strong sense of well-being and stimulates a child’s imagination. All children learn to develop language and literacy skills at an early age. Vocabulary development begins as children are exposed to words, and then learn to understand familiar, everyday words in conversation and daily routines. At circle time, we share stories, read books, sing songs, practice the sound/recognize letters in the alphabet.

We also provide additional time with Reading/Writing and Thinking Skills exercise books for children to practice, letter printing and critical thinking. We believe that supporting these skills in the early years will pave the way to later literacy success in school.

Science and Math

Science and math promote children’s development in all domains: cognitive, social, emotional, and physical. Young children develop cognitive skills and learn about cause and effect as well as problem solving. In integrating math and science concepts, the children also learn many other skills such as observing, comparing, predicting and documenting. Much of science requires measuring (temperature, speed, time), which involves math. We participate in hands on activities which include geometry (shapes/blocks), magnetic tools, chemistry (mixing solutions or colours together), nature (planting seeds) and math (counting).


The benefits of art for kids are many and include problem-solving abilities, creativity, literacy, fine motor skills, connection and understanding. Art is an activity that can employ all the senses––sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste––depending on the activity. Children’s brain synapses fire away as they experiment and create by squishing paint between their fingers, mixing colors & materials, or drawing from imagination or what they see in front of them.

We encourage children to use many forms of art including outdoor materials found in the forest. Much of our work is based on the four seasons and through their interests.

Outdoor Play

We spend many hours outdoors on our trail walks, so that children can develop a sense of place when they connect with the local community and with the environment. Using their gross motor skills during outside play enhances health and mental performance. Breathing in fresh air has been shown to reduce stress levels, better moods and improve concentration.

Children gain much knowledge when they are given opportunities to explore the world around them. Learning about the importance of our watersheds, air, forests, plants and wildlife, children will respect and develop a lifelong connection with nature.